Three Musketeers of a Quick Beauty Routine

bareMinerals is by far one of my favorite beauty brands in existence. I love their natural take to beauty, how its marketed for the everyday woman and the beginner. I love how they focus on enhancing beauty and not masking it, and how all their products are made with ingredients that will help heal and... Continue Reading →


Products That Didn’t Cut It

As we all know, everyone is different with different skin types, concerns, and textures. So naturally, not everything is going to work for everyone, no matter the brand or type of product. Therefore, I thought it might be fun to share some of the things that I have tried and haven’t quite got along with.... Continue Reading →

What Is Going On In This Country?

There is no greater blessing than being born an American. Yes, the country has its downfalls and isn’t as aesthetically pleasing in some urban areas as other places are, but at the end of the day there is no where else I’d rather be. America has so much oppertunity to offer. The amendments we have... Continue Reading →

Everyday Summer Makeup

It has been nearly a week since I put anything up! Blasphemy! Sadly, there does come a time when ideas start to run dry, especially near the end of a season. No worries though, as I have a lot planned for the fall. Fall and winter are my life blood, so I will be excited... Continue Reading →

Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Youth?

The other day I was watching the news and a story came across questioning the effects social media is having on today’s youth. The report talked about these online interaction damaging social skills within teens. It’s making them struggle in face-to-face communication and they aren’t able to articulate themselves as well as they were once... Continue Reading →

Fave Summer Foundations

I know summer is just about over, but it's still hot as Hade's outside and a lot of people will be doing last minute holidays. So, I thought I would throw out some of my favorite foundations I've worn this summer, but they can also be worn all year round. According to The Skin Cancer... Continue Reading →

July 2017 Favorites

It’s that time of the month again - no, I don’t mean that time. It’s time for the monthly favorites wrap up. I’m trying to include a little more into these guys, but when you’re on a tight budget it’s sometimes hard to invest in too much. This month I had some new discoveries and... Continue Reading →

Society of Instant Gratification

Ever since I started this blog a month ago I’ve realized something startling about the whole social media craze. My generation is losing touch with what hard, dedicated work means. Within the first few weeks of starting my blog the first time I was feeling the bogged down sense of despair that comes with starting... Continue Reading →

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