Everyday Summer Makeup

It has been nearly a week since I put anything up! Blasphemy! Sadly, there does come a time when ideas start to run dry, especially near the end of a season. No worries though, as I have a lot planned for the fall. Fall and winter are my life blood, so I will be excited to share with you some festive favorites. If you want to chat, keep up to date on things like slow lulls, or what not, come on over to my Twitter. It would be nice to see some of you lovelies.

I thought it might be fun to share my daily makeup routine, and when I say daily, I mean when I’m actually pulling myself from my hermit hole of a room and have to look like a none-scary human. We all have those weeks; don’t judge me.

I’m not much of a foundation person, especially now that my skin has miraculously cleared up, so I tend to go with concealer that matches my skin tone. Lately, Too Faced Born This Way concealer in Very Fair has been the light of my life. The coverage is a little above medium, but it’s super creamy and hydrating so it won’t cling to dry spots. Because of it being so creamy, I do have to make sure to set it, and I love using the bareMineral’s Mineral Veil to do it. No talc, no chalk face, and no creasing – it’s wonderful. This combo never leaves me greasy in the heat and it’s not heavy either, so double win!

When it comes to eyes I go as simple as I can. Somedays I may do a little extra shading or breakout the sparkling colors if I feel like it, but in the summer it’s as minimal as I can get. My trusty Tarte Tartlette palette has been well loved this season, and I primarily dip into Super Mom as a base and Power Player through the crease. Easy. I always finish off with a thin line of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Demolition and the hyped L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara in Brown Black.

For brows, I never go too fancy, just fill them in a bit here and there, and brush to blend. I got the Mirabella The Brow Pencil in Dark from my hairdresser and it works well. I quite like having a small tip, gives more control and looks more natural.

Lastly, my go to lipstick has been an Urban Decay Vice in Wrong Number. It’s the perfect pinky shade for me, and it lasts all day, so no worries about smudging.

It’s an easy peasy makeup routine and just the way I like it. I don’t tend to fuss with blush and bronzer all that much, mostly because I feel you shouldn’t have to hide your natural beauty with too much makeup. Let a little redness show through naturally, let those freckles breath. You should never feel the need to wear a mask just to walk out of your house. You are beautiful the way you are and makeup should accentuate that, not cover it. Nothing wrong with just mascara, lipgloss, and hair in a topknot, right?

Hope you all will come check me out on Twitter and say hi! Would love to hear from you. Until next time! ❤


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