Society of Instant Gratification

Ever since I started this blog a month ago I’ve realized something startling about the whole social media craze. My generation is losing touch with what hard, dedicated work means. Within the first few weeks of starting my blog the first time I was feeling the bogged down sense of despair that comes with starting something new. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting more likes, more views, or followers. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t becoming an instant success like all the people I follow through blogs and Youtube. It became a crushing pressure of feeling like I wasn’t good enough to continue this, because I would never be like those girls I follow; so, I deleted my blog.

A few weeks afterwards I realized that life just doesn’t work that way. As my mom says, nothing worth doing comes easy, and she’s right. Success takes time and hard work, but in the end its worth it. If you don’t work for your success then it doesn’t mean anything when you achieve it. However, a lot of people in this generation don’t see it that way. If they don’t get instantly famous than they throw a fit, saying it isn’t fair that other people get it when they don’t. Know what? No, it isn’t fair, but then again, life isn’t fair to anyone. Everyone has their trials and tribulations, their struggles and falls, but everyone has the ability to come out on top if they work for it. So many Youtube channels, blogs, accounts across the spectrum of media are started and thrown away within days, losing a valuable future if only that person took the time to work at it.

The first thing anyone with a well known blog says is never do it for fame, and they’re completely right. You don’t start anything because you want to get famous off of it, you start it because you’re passionate about it. It took me two months to learn that lesson, but I came around and here my blog is reborn with a different mindset. I realized blogging was fun for me. I love sharing beauty goods with you guys, I love expressing myself through thoughts and musings; it’s fun for me and that is reward in itself. So many people in this generation just haven’t learned the value of hard work yet and it’s a shame. There are so many wonderful opportunities out there through social media, through branding, through networking. And starting from the bottom isn’t such a bad thing; growing along the way can teach life long lessons and staying open minded to what is around can really help change people’s perspectives. When a generation stays in the mindset of fighting, protesting, and crying over not getting their way, not getting instant success and instant stability, then it creates a mindset of greed and neglect to the skills that make people truly successful. It’s just like the concept of money buys happiness; material products will never bring happiness, but the journey taken to earn that money can make the wealth something of appreciation, instead of coming from a place of expectation.

All in all, it comes down to hard work being the key to success and the key to worthwhile gratification. No one should ever judge their worth and capabilities based off the number of followers they have or views on their posts. The important thing is having fun doing what someone loves and creating a community of love and support; not for wealth and fame, but for encouragement in all aspects of life and creativity. Heck, back in the day they didn’t have Instagram, Twitter, or the internet for creative persons to get noticed, they had personal networks within their cities to further their creative aspirations. Having someone to share in their passion was their gratification, their motivation and drive, not the number of people who liked their work.

Just remember, you do what you love because you love it. In the grand scheme of things, you’re opinion is the only one that matters. Learning that is the best sense of gratification anyone can have.


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